Envisâge Interview with Doreen Bieri-Ngafor: Sustainable WASH access for womxn and girls in Cameroon

*WASH = water, sanitation, and hygiene

We had the chance to chat about ageism, incontinence, menstrual hygiene, and sustainable solutions with Doreen Bieri-Ngafor from the Cho Ngafor Foundation and the project Dorena Pads.

Doreen is the founder and Co-CEO of the Cho Ngafor Foundation. The vision of the foundation is "to empower the deprived."

Doreen took the time to share with us her latest project, Dorena Pads, which provides a sustainable solution for menstrual hygiene management in rural communities in Cameroon and beyond. She also helped us understand the challenges of incontinence and how Dorena Pads can help these womxn.

Did you know that incontinence affects twice as many womxn as men? Learn more here.

After more than 13 years of work as a Geriatric Nurse and gaining experience in different Health Institutions in and around Bern, Doreen told us empowering stories behind her adventure that led her to launch the Cho Ngafor Foundation.

"My biggest wish now is to build a sewing center in Cameroon to support these girls so that they can sew and use their own pads locally" - Doreen Bieri-Ngafor

We are incredibly grateful for the time Doreen took with us to share her story, and for all the educational, equitable, and sustainable material she provides through the Cho Ngafor Foundation and Dorena Pads!

Thank you, Doreen.

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