Envisâge Interview with Michelle Viña-Baltsas: Anti-Diet, Body Positivity for Midlife Womxn

Michelle Viña-Baltsas is a certified intuitive eating counselor and body image coach who is passionate about helping women of all ages overcome shameful eating and body dissatisfaction. She is an expert in menopause and helping womxn understand it while living (and moving!) joyfully.

We had the chance to discuss body positivity and healing relationships with food for midlife womxn, and shared with us some tips for joyful living and joyful movement.

Watch the full interview for Michelle’s take on intuitive eating and how midlife womxn and all of us can listen to our bodies, practice self-care, and feel healthy and beautiful all at the same time.

"There is a way to be satisfied with your body, and that doesn’t include having to shrink yourself or be what society wants you to be. You can be fit and healthy without having to look a certain way or eat certain things." - Michelle Viña-Baltsas

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