Envisâge Interview with Nicole Christina: Zestful Aging & Mindful Eating

We had the chance to discuss with Nicole Christina, host and creator of the Zestful Aging podcast & online courses.

Nicole is a psychotherapist with more than 25 years of experience, a podcaster, and an author.

Straight from the tennis course, Nicole took the time to share with us how she sees ageism in society, rebut ‘’the myth of agelessness,” and tell the story behind the Zestful Aging project.

After having hosted almost 200 interviews with professionals from all paths of life, Nicole is sharing the empowering stories behind her adventure.

“Zestful aging is not about having a Facebook-worthy story, but embracing the life that you have while accepting the inevitable losses...the inconvenience of aging.” - Nicole Christina

We are incredibly grateful for the time Nicole took with us to share her story, and for all the educative and inclusion-oriented material she created throughout Zestful Aging.

Thank you, Nicole.


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