International Conference on

Ageism Towards Womxn

Envisâge 2020 is an international conference on ageism towards womxn. This online event will feature a diverse panel of speakers who will share their experiences, perspectives, and resources for the wide range of ageism issues affecting womxn. Our mission is to bring these discussions into the mainstream, empower womxn, and provide tools for all of us to take action in building a more inclusive, safe, and appreciative future for womxn of all ages.


Saturday, 14 November 2020

16:00 - 21:00 (Central European Standard Time)



What is (anti-)ageism?

What does ageism towards womxn look like in 2020?

What progress has been made and where do we need to go to build the age-inclusive and gender equitable world that we envisâge?


PANEL: Ageism at Work

Womxn in the workplace face challenges of sexism and even harsher challenges of ageism. Around the world, the lack of age-inclusive legislation and accountability measures for employers perpetuate this reality. Studies show that 21% of womxn over 40 say they have faced age-related discrimination in the workplace. Older womxn workers will have fewer opportunities, are given less responsibility, will constantly face microaggressions,* and will even be pushed out of their jobs. 


  • How can you tackle gendered ageism in your workplace?

  • What is being done worldwide with regards to age inclusion at work?

  • How can hiring processes and workplace environments become age-inclusive, and what are the benefits of doing so?


Experts on workplace ageism from different industries will guide us through these questions and more!

*a microaggression is a subtle, indirect, or unintended instance of discrimination in the form of an action or statement against the member(s) of a marginalized group of people



  • Reflect on how ageism manifests in your own community.​​

  • Check out the Envisâge Blog for interviews and articles on aging and ageism.



Charlotte Japp

Charlotte Japp is the founder of CIRKEL, a company that connects older and younger professionals for mutual personal and professional growth.

See bio.


PANEL:  Healthy (and Happy) Aging

The stigma around (peri)menopause, the development of eating disorders, and the commercial myth of the ageless womxn are only a few of the many challenges of aging as a womxn. Trans womxn and womxn from other marginalized communities will face these realities even more harshly. Prejudice that leads to isolation and inequities can create scars that impede our capacity to enjoy, have equitable resource access, and thrive throughout the beautiful and natural phenomenon that is aging. This panel will explore these questions (and more):

  • What does healthy aging look like?


  • What are some opportunities for providing womxn entering midlife and later life the support they need?


  • How can I deconstruct stereotypes related to womxn and their age in my own community?


  • What are some next steps in creating a more age-inclusive society and medical community?


See panelist bios.



Mélodie Daniel

Mélodie Daniel is the founder of Newmanity.

See bio.



Learn more about the following organizations fighting against ageism.


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Now that we've explored how our speakers envisâge age inclusion, let's turn our conversations into anti-ageist action! 



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